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Qualche estensione che forse non conosciamo

giovedì 30 agosto , 2007

Magai non tutti sanno che anche epiphany ha le sue estensioni, reperibili nel sito ufficiale del progetto.


Qui ne vengono prese in considerazione alcune fra le più utili.

Riporto l’articolo:

If you haven’t had the time to check ThirdPartyExtensions page in the wiki, then you might be missing the following cool extensions.

Empowering your tabs
Two cool extensions from George Notaras:

* Tab Links
This extension allows you to export that interesting tabs you have open to various formats so you can share them: Mediawiki, MoinMoin, DokuWiki, HTML. Go check it out!
* Tab Session Management
This will allow you to save and restore your epiphany sessions on demand, pretty similar to session saving but with a hands-on touch.

For the people wanting to experiment with the UI, Kevin Michel has something to show:

* Tabs on Treeview
Just like you read it, this extension will give you a totally different way of browsing. Check the site for a nice screenshot.
* Tab Killer
Hate tabs? Want to have windows (hopefully not the OS) all over the place? Jon Dowland shares that hate for tabs that you have and guess what, he made an extension for it.


That small things that make our life a little more compli^Wsimpler.

Michael Opitz has something to say,

* GMail Notifier
Mail checking freak? This is right for you, nice screenshots on the website. Even nicer notifications when installed.

What? You didn’t like them?

Then create a new one! Hacking a new Epiphany Extension is incredibly easy, specially thanks to the Python bindings. Just check any of the already created extensions and summon everyone’s favorite python function dir() all around the place ;).

Ok, actually we have some docs… but isn’t it a lot more exciting to just dir() around? For the boring grown up inside of you, check the docs.

And in other news, Epiphany has branched for 2.20.

Epiphany è un ottimo browser, semplice, pulito e si integra perfettamente in Gnome, uno dei miei primi amori.

Lo seguo attentamente come progetto, ma devo dire che almeno per ora Flock è il mio browser preferito.

Se tuttavia ancora non avete provato almeno una volta il browser di Gnome, beh, questa è l’occasione buona 😉

Alcuni miei articoli precedenti su Epiphany:

Epiphany 2.19.5 

Epiphany 2.19.6 Webkit 

Epiphany e Webkit 

Segnalo che su Pollycoke ce ne sono alcuni di molto interessanti sulla personalizzazione di questo browser 😉

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